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What about 1-2 credit CRN programs/meetings? CDR doesn’t require anything beyond program brochure/flyer, learning objectives and the speaker's CV to recognize the activity for our portfolios, and my Chapter has these short meetings monthly.

As long as NKF is listed as the accredited provider of a CE-accredited program, we must have in our possession:

  • Date/Title/Length of program
  • Continuing Education Documentation Form, Timed Agenda, Activity Outline to include Learning Objectives, bulleted items that list content related to the objectives, speaker(s) name and credentials corresponding to the specific topic, and format of program.
  • All planners will have to provide CVs and complete disclosure forms online. Speakers have to provide their CVs and complete the required disclosure and faculty agreement forms.
  • A final copy of the presentation slides will need to be sent to NKF, either beforehand or at the conclusion of the program, along with the required post-program documents.

If the CRN Chapter doesn't wish to offer CE credit, then notification of the program offering to the NKF Division or HQ office is the only requirement. Contact NKF Professional Membership Director with program details.

See also the section Program Planning Tools to review what CDR requires in order for providers to issue CE credit.

Can my program offer honoraria to speakers?
Yes, honoraria can be offered to speakers. However, the provider needs to pay this directly to the speaker, as commercial supporters cannot pay this directly to them. If the provider is seeking a grant, then the honoraria amount should be included in the grant request total.

The facility we are using to host our meeting requires that our group provide proof of liability insurance. Does NKF have this coverage?
NKF's insurance policy covers NKF and its Affiliate/Division offices only, not the CRN, CNSW or CNNT as their own entities. If you are working with a local NKF office, they will be able to complete a certificate of insurance request for you. However, the program would have to be officially noted that it is presented in conjunction with (or supported by/planned with) the local NKF office.

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