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When a deceased donor kidney becomes available, it is scored by the Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI). The lower the score, the longer the kidney is predicted to work. 

How is the KDPI used? When would someone consider a high-KDPI kidney? 

Dr. Anne Hummel, a transplant nephrologist, and Nicole Jefferson, a two-time high KDPI kidney transplant recipient, are here to give you the facts. 

The Kidney...

It's National Kidney Month! Celebrate by taking control of your kidney health with eight NKF programs designed to help you do just that.

Table of contents Minute for Your Kidneys Quiz NKF Peers Kidney Learning Center Voices for Kidney Health NKF Communities Ask the Doctor NKF Kidney Research Connect NKF...

With summer approaching, it's time to switch up your diet and try new recipes. Here are five foods to add to your grocery list that are as healthy for you as they are tasty. 

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Everyone has different nutritional needs. Speak with a kidney dietitian or a...

Sixteen years ago, a college friend transformed Morgan Reid's life by donating a kidney to her. This life-changing gift freed Morgan from dialysis and greatly improved her quality of life. Driven by gratitude, Morgan has since dedicated her life to ensuring everyone gets the same chance by advocating for life-saving transplants for all. 

Morgan’s IgA nephropathy diagnosis and kidney failure

When she was eighteen, Morgan's...

La salud mental es importante para las personas con enfermedad renal. Demasiadas personas enfrentan enfermedad renal sin suficiente apoyo emocional, pero NKF Peers está trabajando para cambiar esto.

¿Qué es NKF Peers?

La enfermedad renal es agobiante. Tal vez se sienta perdido, solo o esté inseguro de cuáles son los pasos a seguir, pero hay alguien que puede estar a su lado a lo largo de todo el camino que...

By Valerie Rinck, Advocacy Manager

On February 27th over 160 Voices for Kidney Health advocates headed to Capitol Hill to close out the 11th Annual Kidney Patient Summit. Advocates took over 200 meetings, bringing the kidney voice to the decision-makers to advance our legislative priorities. The National Kidney Foundation wants you to join in the festivities by participating remotely! There are numerous impactful actions individuals...

With a healthy toddler named Atticus at home, Tara and Josh Schwerdt weren't nervous about expanding their family. 

Halfway through Tara's second pregnancy, that sense of calm was shattered. An imaging test revealed that their baby's kidneys were not functioning correctly, but the full extent of the issue would only be known after Lockett was born.

A difficult decision

After finding their baby's...

Jamal Shuriah always knew he wanted to be a performer. He started playing minor roles at local community theaters at seven and continued throughout high school. After graduating, Jamal earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and began his professional career. He quickly landed several notable contracts, including "Monty" in Saturday Night Fever and "Simba" in the Disney cruise line's version of The Lion King. Afterward, Jamal toured with Green Day's...

Discover a world of flavor without leaving your home with five kidney-friendly dishes from around the globe. No passport required—just your appetite for adventure!

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  1. Vegetable Spanish Paella
  2. Vegan Pimento Cheese Dip
  3. Bibimbap Oatmeal
  4. Codfish with Eggplant
  5. Avocado and Pea...