The Big Ask, The Big Give

Transplant Education Programs

Join us at a live event near you to learn more about kidney transplant and donation with THE BIG ASK: THE BIG GIVE.


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Hear from local transplant professionals, patients, and living donors about their experiences and get the information you need to take the next step on your transplant or living donor journey.


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There are no events currently scheduled at this time. Please check back later.

Can't make it to a live program in your area?

Check out our free, self-paced online programs at the Kidney Learning Center. Watch videos and hear from transplant recipients, living donors, and professionals on kidney disease and transplantation.

Program Topics

Take the First Step

First Steps to Transplant is all about the basics and getting on the waitlist in this free, self-paced online program.


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Learn about Finding a Living Donor

Tips to write and share your story to find a living donor in this free, self-paced online program.

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Interested in Becoming a Living Donor?

Learn everything you need to know about donating a kidney in this free, self-paced online program.


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Explore life After Transplant

Get information and tips for managing your health after a kidney transplant in this free, self-paced online program

Family talking to a healthcare professional, Transplants for All logo, Everyone who needs a kidney should get a kidney.

Everyone who needs a kidney should get a kidney.

At the National Kidney Foundation, we believe that everyone who needs a kidney should get a kidney. For more education, support, or ways to get involved, learn more about our Transplants for All initiative.


This program is an example of our multifaceted efforts in upholding an unwavering commitment towards achieving KIDNEY EQUITY FOR ALL.