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List of Cookbooks for Kidney Patients

Reviewed February 2017


Living Well on Dialysis: A Cookbook for Patients and Their Families (2002, 3rd edition)

Author: Council on Renal Nutrition - National Kidney Foundation
Cost: $14.95 plus shipping & handling
Available from: ORDER ONLINE thru the NKF Store
Search: item #11-10-0420
(800) 622-9010
Comments: 103 pages
Recipes: large variety of recipes, nutrient analysis, helpful hints and tips
Audience: renal


Calabash Cookbook for Kidney Health

Author: NKF of Hawaii
Cost: $15.00 + $5.00 Shipping and handling
Available from: NKF of Hawaii
1314 South King Street Suite #1555
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
(808) 593-1515
Comments: Recipes: reflects diverse cultures and foods of Hawaii, nutrition analysis, dining out hints
Audience: most recipes appropriate for CKD, Dialysis, Diabetic


Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook (2000)

Author: Sara Coleman, RD, CDE and Dorothy Gordon, BS, RN
Cost: $25.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling; California add $2.02 tax
(Volume pricing available). Order at online website
Money back guarantee offered
Available from: Culinary Kidney Cooks
P.O. Box 468, Dept. N
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Ph: (714) 842-4684
Fax: (714) 842-4694
Amazon.com $29.90
Comments: 272 pages; loose-leaf style with 'e-zel' cookbook stand
Recipes: 160 recipes, nutrient analysis with meal planning
Audience: CKD, Dialysis, Diabetic- carbohydrate information and exchanges provided on some higher carbohydrate dishes.
Other: web site lists new recipes and tips


Creative Kidney Cooking for Whole Family (for professionals)

Author: Rebekah Engum, RD
Cost: $18.71
Available from: (920) 265-5681
Comments: Recipes: nutrient analysis, renal friendly recipes for CKD, over 100 recipes


Everyday Eating, A Cookbook for the Dialysis Patient and their Family

Author: Council on Renal Nutrition of Illinois, 2nd printing
Cost: $7.50 for Illinois residents
$10.00 for all other states (Includes shipping and handling)
Available from: NKF of Illinois
215 West Illinois St., Suite 1C
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 321-1500
Comments: Recipes: 150 recipes designed to be easy and inexpensive, nutrient analysis, easy-to-find ingredients, a complete cookbook for the dialysis patient
Audience: most recipes appropriate for CKD and Dialysis.


Kidney Cooking A Family Recipe Book for Kidney Patients Third Edition 2013

Author: Georgia Council on Renal Nutrition, National Kidney Foundation
Cost: Free
Available from: National Kidney Foundation Georgia Division Online
Comments: 144 pages
Recipes: Incorporate foods most used by dialysis patient and their families in the state of Georgia.
Audience: CKD, Dialysis


The Kidney Helper Cookbook

Author: Bob Lutfy & Natalie Lufty with Mary Pinto, RD
Cost: $24.95 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling
Available from: MedHelp Express (877) 248-2331, Amazon.com
Comments: 230 pages
Recipes: ethnically diverse, Middle-Eastern recipes, nutrient analysis, large print, tips and renal resources
Audience: CKD, Dialysis


Cookbook A Guide for Renal Nutrition

Author: Edited by: Nancee Vander Pluym, MS, RDN
Cost: Free download
Available from: National Kidney Foundation of Arizona
(602) 840-1644 for hard copy
Comments: 160 pages
Recipes: variety of recipes including slow cookery and serving suggestions.
Audience: CKD, Dialysis, Diabetic
Other: Provides nutrient analysis and diabetic exchange values. Tips provided on care and use of spices and herbs, buying and cooking fish and seafood and making sandwiches.


The Renal Patient's Guide to Good Eating: A Cookbook for Patients by a Patient (2013, 2nd edition paperback)

Author: Judith Curtis, Dialysis patient
Cost: $13.98 plus shipping and handling.
Available from: Order online Amazon.com
Comments: 214 pages, ISBN: 0398073996, available in spiral or ebook
Recipes: 274 delicious recipes written by a kidney patient who is an avid cook; Includes family meals, dining out, and practical ideas; nutrient analysis; suggestions for heart healthy choices
Audience: CKD, Dialysis


The Renal Gourmet or what to cook when your kidneys quit. A Cookbook by a Kidney Patient

Author: Mardy Peters
Cost: $21.00
Available from: www.kidney-cookbook.com
Emenar Inc.
13N625 Coombs Road
Elgin, IL 60123
Comments: Recipes: Over 200 recipes, nutrient analysis
Audience: most recipes appropriate for CKD and Dialysis
Other: nutrition helps and resources.


A Taste of Asia

Author: Elizabeth D. Gubish, Patient
Edited by Kelly Ackert, RD
Cost: $10.00 (Includes shipping and handling).
Call to order copy of book
Available from: NKF Serving Northern CA
717 Market Street, Ste 450
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 543-3303
Comments: Recipes: 70 Asian-style recipes, nutrient analysis, glossary of ingredients
Audience: CKD, Dialysis


The Vegetarian Diet or Kidney Disease Treatment: Preserving Kidney Function with Plant Based Eating (2009, revised edition)

Author: Joan Brookhyser Hogan, RD, CSR, CD
Cost: $14.95 plus shipping and handling
Available from: Check with local or on-line booksellers
ORDER ONLINE (thru Amazon.com)
Comments: 140 pages
Recipes: Designed for the patient with chronic kidney disease, or anyone on a vegetarian diet; easy-to-follow guidelines for plant-based eating; help slow kidney function decline; nutrition guidelines for different stages of kidney function; variety of recipes
Audience: CKD, vegetarian


Recipes from Davita

Author: Davita Renal Dietitians
Cost: Free
Available from: (800) 244-0680
Online at www.davita.com
Comments: Recipes: 589 online recipes, nutrient analysis and exchanges, helpful hints
Audience: Most recipes appropriate for CKD, Dialysis and Diabetes
Other: many nutrition helps and resources


Dialysis Friendly Diet Recipes

Author: Fresenius Medical Care
Cost: Free
Available from: Online at www.ultracare-dialysis.com/RecipeCenter.aspx
Comments: Recipes: Variety of recipes developed by renal dietitians and by Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. to bring his signature "Flavor of Bold" to the dialysis diet.
Audience: Most recipes appropriate for CKD and Dialysis.

Renal Diet Cookbook: The Low Sodium, Low Potassium, Healthy Kidney Cookbook

Author: Susan Zogheib MHS RD LDN
Cost: $16.99
Available from: Online at Amazon.com
Comments: Recipes: Over 125 recipes and a 4 week menu plan
Audience: Patients following a renal diet on dialysis

Kidney Cooking

Author: DCI patients and staff
Cost: Free download
Available from: Dialysis Clinic Inc. http://www.dciinc.org/recipes/
Comments: Recipes: 80 renal friendly recipes created by dialysis patients and their caregivers.
Audience: Dialysis patients following and hemodialysis or Peritoneal dialysis diet.