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Other Financial Resources

Air Care Alliance has a listing of nationwide humanitarian flying organizations whose volunteer pilots are dedicated to flying for health care and patient transport. Air Care Alliance listed groups may be able to provide free or low cost flights for medical evaluation and surgery for living donors and recipients. (888) 260-9707,

The American Dental Association has a list of state dental organizations that provide charitable or low-cost dental care for persons in need.

Angel Flight arranges free transportation to medical treatment. (918) 749-8992,

Donated Dental Services through the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped has volunteer dentists who provide dental work for people who are elderly or disabled.

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is a research institution that provides information about oral health before and after transplantation and includes information on low cost dental care.

Patient AirLift Services is a volunteer pilot organization arranging free air transportation to patients and their families for medical purposes. Covers Northeastern U.S. from Maine to Virginia to Ohio. (888) 818-1231

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) If you believe your illness will prevent you from working for a year or longer, contact your local Social Security Administration office to apply for disability. Call (800) 772-1213 for information, to file a claim or to request publications. If you are not collecting Medicare already due to your age or diagnosis of End Stage Renal Disease, you will be eligible for Medicare after collecting 24 social security disability (SSDI) checks. If eligible for SSI, many states include the Medicaid benefit.

State Kidney Programs are available in approximately 15 states and offer assistance for kidney transplant or dialysis patients with outpatient medications and other expenses.

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