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Interesting Facts About Cars

July 12, 2019, 3:02pm EDT

No one ever forgets their first car. Most of us have a lot of sentiments attached to our cars like our first drive as a couple together, an epic family vacation, or a road trip with friends. While these special moments will never be forgotten, Kidney Cars is here to share facts about automobiles that you might not have known. 

1. The birth of cars

The journey of cars began in 1672 when Ferdinand Verbiest created the first-ever vehicle. Imagine a time when cars didn't have steering wheels but were controlled by a lever. 

2. Most stolen cars in 2023

According to NICB, Chevrolet Pickups were the most stolen car in the us during 2023. Close behind are full-size Ford pickups, Honda Civics, and Honda Accords. 

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3. When were electric cars invented? 

Electric cars aren't as modern as we might think. According to Energy.Gov, inventors as early as 1828 were working on small electric cars!

4. The creation of windshield wipers

We might take windshield wipers for granted these days, but there was a time when cars didn’t have them! It’s said that Mary Anderson was observing a trolly driver constantly getting off to wipe snow off the windshield. That’s when an idea came to her–she could invent one! On November 10th in 1903 she was awarded a patent for the window cleaning device. 

5. The longest car parade

In 2020 Subaru orchestra the world’s largest car parade in history! 1,751 cars made by Subaru got together to drive a two-mile course.

6. Some cars are hackable

With the increasing integration of technology in vehicles, there have been more instances of cars being hacked. The FBI warns that possible weaknesses could be present in how a vehicle communicates wirelessly, in devices like a cell phone or tablet connected to the vehicle using USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, or in another device linked through a vehicle diagnostic port.

7. You can recycle a car

75% to 80% of a car can be recycled! By recycling the metals, plastics, and rubber in cars, we can help reduce the environmental impact of automotive production and disposal.

8. Bird poop is more than an eyesore

Bird droppings on your car aren't just unsightly; they can damage the paint. The uric acid in bird droppings can erode the clear coat and paint, leading to permanent damage if not cleaned promptly.

9. The gift of the three-point seat belt

In 1959, Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin invented the three-point seat belt, a design that is now standard in all vehicles. Recognizing the life-saving potential, Volvo chose not to patent the invention, making it available to all car manufacturers for free.

10. Origins of the word "car"

The word "car" comes from the Latin word "carrus" or "carrum," which refers to a wheeled vehicle.

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