Ways You Can Make a Charitable Donation

Ways you can make a charitable donation | Kidney Cars

Nowadays there are several ways that a person can make a donation to their favorite cause. From writing out a check or entering credit card information online to donating old cars or other household items, your donation can be made at nearly any price point, convenience or preference.  Below are a few ideas to get you started.


1. Write a check

Writing a check to charity is still the most common type of philanthropy in the world. It is simple and direct. While some of us may not even be able to find our checkbooks anymore, many people remain more likely to write a check than submit credit card information online, particularly if it is a large amount.


2. Set up a private foundation

Setting up a family or private foundation for your charitable activities is another option that high-net-worth donors take. While some private foundations are well-known and quite big like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for example, most private foundations have less than one million in assets and are unstaffed. Creating a foundation might be an optimal way to ensure your charitable contributions best match your interests and values.


3. Make an online donation

While online giving is not the top method of charitable giving, it is the fasting growing way of giving. Often called crowdfunding, online giving caters to those who love an easy and quick way to give. Some charities are exclusive to online donations.


4. Donate your car, clothing or food

Donating your old car to charity might just be the answer to getting it out of your driveway while doing some good. Kidney Cars has been the most trusted car donation program for the National Kidney Foundation for over 30 years.  

You can also donate food, clothing and appliances to non-profit groups in your area. Thrift stores and food pantries are usually always accepting items for those in need.


5. Donate your time

It costs nothing to volunteer your time and it’s the trendy thing to do nowadays. More people of all ages are volunteering to the causes that inspire them. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one day a year or an hour a week, your time can be your best donation to charity!  


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