Kidney Cancer Resources

Kidney Cancer Resources

Studies show there is a link between kidney cancer and kidney disease.

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Learn about kidney cancer risk factors, types, ways to reduce your risk, and treatment options.

Knowledge Quiz

Test your kidney cancer knowledge with this 5-minute quiz.

Kidney Cancer Facts

Some quick facts to keep in mind when dealing with kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer Playlist

Watch these animated videos to learn more about kidney cancer.

Patient Infographic (basic facts with pictures)

Basic facts about both kidney cancer and kidney disease, and how these two diseases are related. It is a useful guide to signs and symptoms of both diseases, along with information about kidney cancer treatment and keeping your kidneys healthy.

Kidney Cancer Brochure

An engaging brochure that informs patients about kidney cancer. Sections include symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, along with a list of additional resources.

An easy to understand, two-page information sheet about kidney cancer. 

Learn about kidney cancer signs, prevention, treatment, and more.

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A simple glossary of words you should know to better understand treatments for advanced kidney cancer. This resource includes cancer-related definitions and pictures to help you grasp their meanings.

Healthcare Professionals

The following resources were created for healthcare professionals to better prevent, diagnose and treat kidney cancer.


CME/CE activities on kidney cancer and related topics.

Teaching Card

Educate your patients about kidney cancer with this two-page teaching card.

Systemic Therapy

This is a Clinical update on systemic therapy for renal cell carcinoma that highlights the most recent guidance on approved treatment regimens for those with advanced and/or recurring disease.

The Latest in Kidney Cancer Research

Search for kidney cancer related articles from one of our journals or professional publications. 

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