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5 Presents that Make Life with a Kidney Transplant Easier

December 13, 2022, 12:10pm EST

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If you know someone who recently received a kidney transplant, you don't need us to tell you how exciting and life-changing this event is. It's completely natural to want to celebrate the surgery, but you may not know how to do so. We've got you covered–here are five gifts for the person in your life with a kidney transplant.

1. After transplant care accessories

After a transplant, your loved one will have to make many lifestyle changes like changing their diet, exercising, and taking immunosuppressant drugs. 

You can help make these lifestyle changes easier with the following gifts:

  • Pillbox
  • Cooking and baking accessories
  • Fruit and vegetable cleaner
  • Tupperware system
  • Planner
  • Face masks 
  • Hand sanitizer

Learn more about living with a kidney transplant to inspire your purchases.

2. Relaxation in a basket

wrapped presents in a gift basket

Receiving a kidney transplant is amazing, but it can also be stressful! Between doctor's appointments and immunosuppressive drug side effects, your loved one is likely going through a lot. You can help by gifting them a basket full of relaxing items.

"I had a hard time after the transplant. I didn't feel great, I was sad about the scar, and the immunosuppressant drugs caused my hair to fall out," said Maria, a transplant recipient. "But, I was given another life and I'm very thankful for the person who donated the kidney. Now, I'm doing great."

Here are six stress-busting items to inspire your gift basket: 

  1. Bathrobe
  2. Slippers and cozy socks
  3. New book or movie
  4. Foot massager
  5. Bath products
  6. Tea sampler and honey

3. Gift cards

You may think that gift certificates are boring, but they are a great way to provide flexibility to the giftee. Should your loved one have a doctor's appointment or aren't feeling well, they can use the gift card another time! 

Six fun gift certificate ideas:

  1. Clothing
  2. Grocery 
  3. Spa or massage
  4. Arts and crafts class
  5. Healthy cooking class
  6. A city or nature tour

4. Day or overnight trip

Person looking inspired with map in hand

A trip is a great way to blow off steam and celebrate a new kidney–just make sure the date is at least a year after the surgery to give your loved one time to recoup. 

If a vacation is out of the picture, consider throwing a party or surprising them with friends and family at a nearby park or restaurant. As Jason, a kidney transplant recipient might say, all that matters is being together. 

"Kidney failure changed my outlook on things. It helped me refocus. Prior to all of this, I was a workaholic," said Jason. "Now, I want to make sure that I'm spending time being in the moment with my family and not taking things for granted."

The time you all spend together is a gift they will cherish for years.

5. Donate in their name

Some transplant recipients may not want anything after receiving such a transformative gift. If that's the case, consider donating to NKF in their name to help others with kidney disease. 

With NKF, there are many ways to fundraise:

  • Monthly or one-time donation: Help all patients access the care, treatment, and guidance needed to cope with a kidney disease diagnosis. Donate now.
  • Get creative with Team Kidney Your Way: Do you have a bake sale, wine tasting, or party planned? Have fun raising funds.
  • Challenge yourself with Team Kidney Moves: Whether it's a group bike ride or a half-marathon, you can participate in your favorite event while raising money. Start your challenge.
  • Go online with Team Kidney Steams: Share kidney disease facts while dodging opponents or host a charity stream to fight kidney disease while doing what you love. Begin streaming for NKF.

Jessica and Daniel, a couple who both donated kidneys to their fathers, created a Team Kidney Your Way campaign to celebrate their wedding day instead of handing out party favors.

"I've had eight more years with my dad. He got to walk me down the aisle," said Jessica, "My wedding day was full of tears for the joy of marrying my best friend, but also my dad being there and his dad being there. We were able to celebrate everything together. NKF has been a big part of our kidney journey, and we wanted to pay back and say thank you." 

Find more ways to get involved.

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