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Date: Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Ellen Scalzo
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Are you or someone you know a dialysis patient?

You are not alone! Talk with someone who has been there.

No one knows how to best cope with kidney disease like someone who lives with it every day. This is why we created Peers.

Have questions about kidney disease? We can help!

Call toll-free at 855.NKF.CARES (855.653.2273) or email nkfcares@kidney.org.

We speak English and Spanish and are available Monday - Friday.

About NKF Cares:

Our Patient Information Help Line, NKF Cares, offers support for people affected by kidney disease, organ donation or transplantation. It's designed just for patients, family members and care partners. Speak with a trained specialist who will answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

Join our Hero Circle

Hero Circle is a national network that shares a common belief in the life-saving mission of the National Kidney Foundation. It seeks to raise awareness about the work of NKF and engage individuals through philanthropy, events, and our programmatic initiatives. Your donation of $1,000 or more makes a tangible difference in the lives of those impacted by kidney disease.

For more information: Ellen Scalzo

Renal Roundtables

Renal Roundtables are professional education and networking lecture series open to physicians and advanced practitioners, Renal Roundtables provide kidney healthcare professionals access to renowned experts in kidney disease and an opportunity for open discussion among participants.

For more information on sponsoring a Renal Roundtable contact Ellen Scalzo

Click here to learn how you can support the Renal Roundtable Program.

Palmer’s Direct to You Market

Patient and Caregiver Cooking Classes

Challenged by creating kidney friendly meals? The National Kidney Foundation serving Upstate and Western New York has partnered with Palmer’s Direct to You Market to bring Patient and Caregiver Cooking Classes that focus on recipes that optimize patient health. This fun educational program is held 4 times annually. Pre-registration is required. Cost is $10.00 per person. For more information contact Susan Brayer, Community Outreach Manager at 585.598.3963 ext. 373.

Host a Drive for Dialysis

Challenge your staff to join the fight against kidney disease with a hands-on, in-office volunteer event. You and your team can assemble care packages for dialysis patients in the community where you live and work – brighten their spirits and make the long hours of treatment a little more bearable.

Click here for more information about Drive for Dialysis. For more information or to host contact Susan Brayer, Community Outreach Manager at 585.598.3963 ext. 373.

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Team Kidney

Team Kidney

Team Kidney is a nationwide community rallying support to fight kidney disease by empowering members to create their own unique fundraising events. With each mile logged, transplant anniversary celebrated, or cookie baked, Team Kidney raises funds and hope for the 30 million Americans currently battling kidney disease. With Team Kidney, fundraising is whatever you want it to be! Team Kidney Event Ideas

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When you volunteer - you will be supporting the National Kidney Foundation’s programs while giving back to our local Kidney Community!

Sign up today!

For more information contact Susan Brayer, Community Outreach Manager at 585.598.3963 ext. 373.

Kidney Cars Car Donation

Kidney Cars Car Donation

Donate your old car, van, truck, or boat to help improve the lives of the millions of Americans affected by kidney disease. Donate now.

Go Casual for Kidneys!

You and your workplace or school are invited to participate in our Casual for Kidneys Day, a dress-down day held to benefit the NKF. This dress down day helps to raise awareness of chronic kidney disease & support the local kidney community. You can bring your employees together for a cause that will truly make a difference. Contact Susan Brayer to learn more.

Community and Patient Services

The following are a few of the programs and services provided from our local NKF office to the kidney community in Upstate and Western NY.

Kidney Information and Literature - The NKF has a variety of educational brochures and materials geared toward patients in the early stages of kidney disease, dialysis patients, family supporters and those who are at risk for kidney disease. Contact us to receive this free literature or view our literature online.

Kidneys in the Classroom - A kidney health education and prevention presentation provided to elementary students. We travel to the school and teach about kidneys - the master chemists - and how to keep them healthy.

Health Fairs - Contact our office if you would like the National Kidney Foundation to participate in a community health fair or other educational event.

MedIds.com (318-397-8441) will offer a 15% discount to needy patients if the patient uses the code "NKF2012".

Medic Alert (888-633-4298) will waive the fee if the patient submits a letter from his/her doctor on the doctor's letterhead and proof of monthly income. These documents must be submitted along with the company's application form.

American Medical ID (800-363-5985) will provide the stainless steel version for free with a letter from the doctor on the doctor's letterhead. The original letter has to be mailed to the company; it cannot be a photocopy or a fax.

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