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Standards of Practice for Nephrology Social Work, 6th Edition (2014) Members Only

Developed by CNSW, this resource provides up-to-date information related to the expanded professional role of the nephrology social worker in various practice settings (early stages of CKD, dialysis, transplant, research).
Available for download by current CNSW members only

Pediatric Toolkit

The CNSW Pediatric Toolkit was developed by a small group of CNSW members dedicated to caring for the pediatric population, and discusses the Topics of Assessment, Grief and Loss, Insurance, School Issues, Child Abuse/Neglect, Transitions and much more.



CNSW Care Plan Template Members Only

A professional template designed to assist nephrology social workers in developing care plans. The template lists common problems, possible interventions, and desired outcomes.



Kidney Transplantation: A Primer for Nephrology Social Workers

This resource covers topics ranging from basic "Transplant 101" information, to conducting a comprehensive transplant psychosocial assessment, to long-term issues of coping, finances, and rehabilitation.

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Medicare Payments for Ambulance Transport

A CMS presentation providing additional clarification on emergency and non-emergency transports and Medicare coverage.



An Overview of Medicare Covered Diabetes Supplies and Services

A CMS presentation reviewing Medicare coverage for common diabetes supplies and services.



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