Guidelines for NKF-CNSW Chapter Affiliation

The CNSW Chapter Affiliation application has two parts. You will be asked to provide basic current information on your Chapter. You will then be asked as the executive of your Chapter to agree to uphold basic guidelines for recognized Chapters.

The next affiliation period begins September 2015. Chapter Chairs should complete the affiliation form by October 23, 2015. Contact CNSW Membership Chair Jennifer Bruns with any questions.

NKF-CNSW Guidelines for Chapter affiliation and re-affiliation are as follows:

    • Local Chapters agree to incorporate CNSW into their title.
    • A Local Chapter chooses its own name. If the Chapter changes its name, the Chapter Chair will notify the CNSW Membership Chair.
    • Chapters will define their geographic boundaries so as not to conflict with other NKF-CNSW Chapters. The geographic area served will be identified in the Chapter Affiliation application.
    • The Chair is a Nephrology Social Worker in good standing, holding credentials required for practice in the Chair’s state.
    • The Chair agrees to obtain and maintain membership in good standing with the national Council of Nephrology Social Workers during the period of office. Other Chapter Officers are encouraged, but are not required, to hold national CNSW membership.
    • If a Chair does not hold current national CNSW membership, the Chair agrees to obtain/renew national membership within 90 days. CNSW Membership Chair will verify.
    • The Chair agrees to notify the CNSW Region Representative if the Chair’s contact information changes.
    • Local Chapters will announce NKF-CNSW Executive Committee elections each fall and are encouraged to nominate their members for NKF-CNSW Executive Committee offices and committees.
    • Local Chapters are encouraged to notify prospective candidates of all requirements for Chapter offices in advance of Chapter elections.
    • The Chapter Chair (or designated Chapter representative) notifies the CNSW Region Representative whenever Chapter Officers change.
    • Local CNSW Chapters will meet at least two (2) times per year.
    • If a Local Chapter is unable to sustain meetings twice a year, the Chapter Chair is encouraged to contact the CNSW Region Representative for assistance and support and to discuss how the Chapter can best meet its members’ needs.
    • REGION REPRESENTATIVE: Being a volunteer leader of a professional organization brings great challenges and responsibilities. We encourage you to contact your CNSW Executive Committee Region Representative for assistance with resources and support.
    • CHAPS: CNSW Chapter Chairs are subscribed to this interactive e-mail listserv and are encouraged to use it share ideas (simply send a message to NKF communications to Chapter Chairs are sent via the listserv. Contact the NKF Professional Council Activities Director with subscription questions.
    • CHAPTER CHAIR MANUAL: A CNSW Chapter Chair Manual will be provided to incoming Chapter Chairs. If you do not have a current manual, please contact your Region Rep.
    • Local Chapters will submit reports to their CNSW Regional Representatives four (4) times a year describing local Chapter activities, concerns and issues. Information on activities from these reports will be condensed for the National Kidney Foundation’s RenaLink newsletter. These quarterly contacts are important in helping assess Chapter concerns in order to provide assistance when indicated. Even if the Chapter has no new information to report, the designated Chapter representative should maintain contact with the CNSW Region Representative at least quarterly.
    • Beyond quarterly reports, Chapter Chairs are encouraged to contact their Region Representative whenever needed for help in resolving Chapter issues.
    • Every two years, Chapters will complete and submit an application for Chapter Affiliation, which indicates current officers and includes a current membership list.
    • A Chapter may, if desired, adopt its own rules and regulations, provided these rules and regulations do not violate those of the National NKF or CNSW. These Chapter rules and regulations will be submitted with the Chapter Affiliation application.
    • In January 2011, the National Kidney Foundation developed policies and procedures for operation as an Affiliated Local Chapter of the NKF-CNSW. By completing the 2011 Local Chapter Affiliation, the Chapter is also affirming it has read and accepted NKF's policies.
      Read the policies.

Click here to complete the 2015 online affiliation form.