Local Chapter Resources

Starting a Local Chapter


How do I start a new Local Chapter?

It is extremely easy!
  • Confirm a local chapter does not already exist in your area.
  • Form a small group of professionals (aim for 25) willing to meet twice a year.
  • Find someone willing to serve as the primary contact and Chapter Chair.
  • Apply to be affiliated to the National Kidney Foundation (see related guidelines for affiliation).
If your chapter does not want to draft formal bylaws, you can abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the national organization. You do not need to collect dues or pay money.
If you would like to know more, contact your Council’s Membership Chair on the Executive Committee, or the Membership Services Coordinator.


How does my Local Chapter maintain affiliation with the NKF?

  • CRN local chapters affiliate on the odd year
  • CNSW local chapters affiliate on the even year
  • CNNT local chapters affiliate on the odd year

Once affiliated, Chapter Chair contact information is added to the website so that local professionals can locate and contact Chapters in their area. 


When is my Local Chapter’s affiliation application due?

The affiliation application is completed online each fall, and is typically open from August through October.