Local Chapter Resources


How to Start a New Local Chapter

It is super easy!
  1. Confirm a local chapter does not already exist in your area.
  2. Form a small group of professionals (aim for 10) willing to meet at least twice a year.
  3. Find someone to serve as Chair.
  4. Draft bylaws or rules.
  5. Apply to be affiliated to the National Kidney Foundation.


Rules for Local Chapters

We do have some rules, but not too many:
  1. Chapters must work with NKF to accredit their educational programs (apply for CE/CEUs).
  2. Chapters must work with NKF to handle their money. They cannot have their own bank accounts. 
  3. Chapters must work with NKF to enter into contracts with vendors, sponsors, etc.
Check out our Policies & Best Practices for more detail. 

How to Maintain Chapter Status

Affiliation lasts for two (2) years. Then you must re-apply to maintain active status. 
  • CRN local chapters affiliate on the odd year.
  • CNSW local chapters affiliate on the even year.

The application is due in the fall of the affiliation year. 

Once affiliated, we'll add the Chapter Chair contact information to the website so that local professionals can find you.

If you would like to know more, contact your Council’s Membership Chair on the Executive Committee, or talk to a membership representative at NKF. 

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