Your Kidneys and Youth

Your Kidneys and Youth

Learn about kidney health and habits to keep your kidneys and the rest of your body healthy!

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Video Lessons

For Grades 5-8: How do the kidneys work? What happens when they are sick? How do you keep them healthy? These videos are 7-15 minutes long and have interactive questions and activities for you to do at home!

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Video Lesson One

The kidneys have many "secret" powers that most people don't know about. Watch this video to learn all the ways the kidneys are keeping the rest of your body healthy.

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Video Lesson Two

Watch this video to learn about salt and sodium and how they can impact your kidneys. And get some ideas for healthier foods to eat instead of salty snacks.

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Video Lesson Three

In this lesson you'll learn about how sugar sneaks into beverages, even some of the ones we think are healthy. We'll discuss why water is a healthier beverage choice and other important benefits water provides to all living things.

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Video Lesson Four

What is physical activity, how much do kids need, and why is it important for your kidneys? Watch this video to learn the answers to these questions and more. And get ideas for how to add more physical activity to your day.

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Video Lesson Five

In our final lesson we discuss what can damage kidneys and what can happen when someone has kidney disease. Learn about treatments for kidney disease, why organ donation is important, and find out which celebrities have had kidney transplants.

Tiny Teach Video Challenge

Use what you learned to create a short video to teach friends or family something new about the kidneys or kidney health.

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Tip 1

Keep it Short

The video should be less 60 seconds or less.

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Tip 2

Speak Up

If you are speaking in the video, make sure you can be heard clearly. Find a quiet place without too much background noise.

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Tip 3

Be Seen

Film somewhere nice and bright. Daytime filming is best. Try to film near a window or in a brightly lit room. Make sure your background is not too distracting.

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Tip 4

Make it Great

Don't zoom or add filters, and stay close to your camera and microphone for the best result!

Coloring Books

Embrace your inner artist with these fun coloring pages, and learn a bit about your kidneys too. We've got options for artists of all ages!

Bonus Activities

Need to pass some time? We've got a variety of fun activities you can do at home. Bonus, these activities teach important lessons about staying healthy!

Grades 3 and under
Grades 3 and under
Grades 3-6
Grades 3-6
Grades 6-8

Helpful Links & Resources

Looking for more activities and information? Here are some other organizations that offer fun activities to keep you healthy!

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Fun and engaging activities for kids focused on healthy eating and the My Plate guidelines.
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The site provides movement and mindfulness videos for kids. Created for teachers and families.

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This is a health and wellness program that aims to encourage youth to eat healthy and get physical activity. They offer a variety of fun activities for both schools and families to get moving.

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