Hurricanes Irma and Harvey: Resources for Dialysis Patients

The aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma continues to cripple families and businesses in Florida, Houston and the surrounding areas. National Kidney Foundation would like to extend its heartfelt support to all those affected by these unparalleled natural disasters. 
NKF’s Affiliate in Florida, NKF of Florida, has reopened, but NKF's Houston field office remains closed. Patients, healthcare providers and families should visit or call our toll-free helpline, 1-855-NKF-CARES for resources and information including emergency nutrition, Florida and Houston-area dialysis centers, how to find shelter, current road closures, open pharmacies, and other emergency resources. 
NKF is a member of the Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Coalition, which provides disaster preparedness resources and supports the ESRD Network Program. The toll-free KCER Emergency Hotline for patients and providers across the U.S. is: 866-901-3773. 
Patients and families may also contact the Florida and Texas ESRD Networks which provides emergency relief. For Florida call ESRD Network 7 at 800-826-3773 or visit; and for Texas call ESRD Network 14 at 866-407-ESRD or
People with kidney disease are at increased risk for life-threatening consequences during emergency situations and natural disasters when access to dialysis treatment or medication may be interrupted. NKF is here to help provide kidney patients and their families with the resources, support and information they need during this national crisis.  For more information visit or call 1-855-NKF-CARES.
NKF has established a Hurricane Relief Fund to help dialysis patients in the aftermath of these natural disasters. Recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Harvey will be long and challenging; the NKF Hurricane Relief Fund seeks to alleviate some of the financial strain that dialysis patients will face in its aftermath. 100% of the proceeds from NKF’s Hurricane Relief Fund will go to dialysis patients in Florida and the Houston area.  The relief fund will be coordinated with a patient’s social worker and doctor, and an application must be submitted. To donate or to find out how to apply for assistance visit