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Multiple Listing for Kidney Transplant

Can I be listed at multiple transplant centers?

Yes, it is possible to list at multiple transplant centers. Often people choose a transplant center closest to their home for convenience, but it is possible to list at multiple transplant centers if you wish.

Why do some people choose to be waitlisted at more than one transplant center?

Getting on one transplant waitlist is the most important step, since in the US there is one national list for organ donors. However, within this national list, kidneys are often distributed locally and regionally. If you get on a waitlist in more than one ‘organ procurement’ region, this may increase your chance of receiving an offer. Some people dual list in the hopes of getting transplanted quicker, though of course there are no guarantees.

Very rarely, people choose to be listed at more than one transplant center in the same region, which only increases your chances of receiving an offer if transplantation practices are very different between these two centers.

Do I have to do all the evaluation tests again?

Probably. You will most likely need to complete similar testing at each transplant center. Some test results may be transferable between centers, but the transplant center can redo or ask for additional testing.

What is the potential downside?

Hassle and potential cost. Your medical insurance may limit where you can list or it may not reimburse you for the cost of additional evaluations. Also, you need to be willing to travel to complete an evaluation at each center you wish to be listed at. Also, after having a kidney transplant you will need to stay near the transplant hospital for some time to ensure you are doing well enough to travel back to home.

I want to be listed on multiple transplant lists, where do I start?

If you are thinking about multiple listing, start by searching for transplant centers in the region you are considering and do some research on each center. It is important to be actively listed on one transplant list before considering being listed at another center. Your nephrologist or your current transplant center may have advice about this as well.

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