Kidney Disease

How is your kidney health?

Use our online curriculum to get individualized information for your stage of kidney disease.

A-Z Health Guide

Your comprehensive guide to kidney disease and related conditions and topics.

Recently Diagnosed

A diagnosis of kidney disease can be scary. Here is what to expect next so you can make educated decisions about your health.

African Americans & Kidney Disease

Did you know that African Americans are 3 times more likely to experience kidney failure? Because kidney disease often has no symptoms, it can go unnoticed until it is very advanced. But there's good news. Taking steps to live a healthy lifestyle can go a long way towards reducing risk, and early detection and treatment can slow or prevent the progression of kidney disease. Get started here.


Diabetes is a major risk factor for kidney disease. People with diabetes should be tested for kidney disease every year, and control blood sugar and blood pressure. These steps will also help those who already have diabetic kidney disease to stay healthier and avoid complications. Learn more here.


Diet is an important part of living well with kidney disease. As your kidney disease progresses your dietary needs will likely change as well. Click on the appropriate stage below to learn more about diet and kidney disease. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about your individual nutrition needs.

About Chronic Kidney Disease

Learn the facts about CKD, the causes and symptoms and how to lower your risk.

How Your Kidneys Work

Discover why the kidneys are so important – and the early warning signs of kidney disease.

Two Simple Tests to Check for Kidney Disease

Kidney disease can be found and treated early to prevent more serious complications. The NKF recommends two simple tests to check for kidney disease.

Find Your Risk for Kidney Failure

Do you have stage 3 or 4 kidney disease? If so, use the risk equation to find out your real risk for kidney failure.

Ask the Doctor

Questions about kidney disease? Risk factors? Signs and symptoms? Are you concerned about yourself, a friend or family member? Ask Dr. Spry.

Your Kidneys and You

Your Kidneys and You is an education program that gives the basics of kidney function, what happens with kidney disease, and how people can protect their health. What do your kidneys do?

KEEP Healthy - Free Kidney Health checks

KEEP is a free health screening program offered by the NKF for individuals at increased risk of developing kidney disease. Learn more and find a screening near you.

Rate Your Risk for Kidney Disease

Take our Kidney Risk Check to find out if you're at risk for kidney disease--and what steps you can take to reduce it.

Test Your Kidney I.Q.

Think you know everything about kidneys? Take our interactive quiz and test your kidney I.Q.!