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Juliette Valle: A Voice for Transplant Patients

January 03, 2022, 10:08am EST


Juliette Valle is an accomplished vocalist, performer, and podcast host. She also holds the Miss South Florida title in 2020 and 2021 and is an incredible advocate for NKF Florida and Donate Life America. One way Juliette is raising awareness for organ donation is through her passion for music. On November 1st, she released her Winter album, "Joyfully, Juliette Valle," and pledged one hundred percent of the proceeds to Donate for Life and NKF of Florida. Her first single, launched in December of 2020, "Winter Wonderland," raised over $3,000 alone.

Juliette Valle's journey to advocacy

During a recent interview with Authority Magazine, Juliette shared her connection to the cause stating,

"I grew up in a family with a father who is a nephrologist and a mother who is a transplant nurse, so I have seen firsthand just how hard a kidney transplant, or any transplant, can be to achieve. I've also witnessed the unbelievable joy that ensues when one is received, and their life is saved as a result of someone else's selfless act."

Seeing the transplant experience at a young age inspired her to create the social initiative, "Life is Awesome, Pass it On." Her goal is to educate the public about organ donation and raise money to support transplant organizations. That's why all proceeds from her latest album, "Joyfully, Juliette Valle," will be donated. It is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

Kidney transplants

During a kidney transplant, a healthy kidney is surgically placed in the body to take over the work of the failing kidneys. Getting a kidney transplant can significantly improve energy and mood levels and increase life expectancy over people on dialysis.

Unfortunately, there is a constant shortage of organ donations. According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, 90,435 people are waiting for a kidney transplant. Since the number of patients vastly outweighs available organs, the minimum wait time spans 3 to 5 years. Still, it can be longer, and 13 people die a day or become too sick for surgery while waiting.

There are two types of organ donation

  • Living kidney donation: Living donations occur when a living person donates an organ or part of one for transplantation to another person.
  • Deceased kidney donation: People can sign up to donate their organs after they pass. It is an incredible gift that gives others the chance to continue living.

Living donations are generally preferred because the kidney from a living donor usually functions immediately, unlike those from deceased donors. Additionally, potential donors can be tested ahead of time, and the transplant can be performed when it's most convenient.

Learn more about organ donation.

How you can help

In her interview, Juliette offers three great ways to take action now:

  1. Sign up to become an organ donor after you've passed away at
  2. Learn more about becoming a living organ donor.
  3. Share your story on social media to help educate and inspire others.

The Big Ask Big Give Initiative

Most people don't find a living donor because they don't know how to share their story or ask friends, family, or strangers to consider donating. NKF is working to change that through The Big Ask Big Give Initiative. We'll teach you how to share your story and make the big ask. Whether you need a kidney or are considering a donation, let us help you start the conversation.