Become a Part of the Solutions to Fight All Stages of Kidney Disease

January 29, 2021, 3:58pm EST

The National Kidney Foundation’s Patient Network is the portal to the latest research, clinical trials, health tips, and community of patients

If you have kidney disease at any stage, you are on dialysis, or received a kidney transplant, you can now help researchers learn more about the disease and develop new treatments to create improved outcomes through the NKF Patient Network.

And while you’re at it, you can find a community of patients just like you, keep up with the most recent health tips to manage the disease, and stay current with new treatments.

The National Kidney Foundation’s Patient Network is a one-stop-shop that can point you toward the best ways to manage kidney disease, find available clinical trials, and gather data scientists need to develop the best treatments, drugs, and outcomes. 

All patients with kidney disease, including patients on dialysis and transplant recipients, can join the NKF Patient Network and share their experiences, medical histories, and other important information researchers seek when studying the disease. As the network grows, the possibilities of how the information will be used to advance kidney care, treatments, and patient outcomes are endless.

Benefits of joining the network

  • You will become part of research projects around the world;
  • Individualized patient education unique to your stage of the disease, symptoms, and treatments;
  • Support from a community of people like you;
  • Information on how to join the latest clinical trials; and
  • Health tips based on the most recent studies.

Why register?

When you register for the NKF Patient Network, you will also be contributing to unlimited research projects both on-going and in the future and be tapping into the most current information about the disease.

The personal message you share about your experience with kidney disease goes directly to scientists in the network, and one day, could be instrumental in helping other patients everywhere.

Is it secure?

The NKF Patient Network is a secure portal where patients can log into at any time. Patients can choose to manually enter information or link it, with your permission, to electronic health records (EHR). The portal is powered by Pulse Infoframe and your information will be stored in a highly secure online platform that meets all internationally established standards for security of personal and health information.

Research opportunity

The network is also a collection point for important demographic and health data that scientists need and can use for unlimited studies.

There is no other platform in the country like the NKF Patient Network. NKF’s ambitious plan to gather the relevant data is invaluable to scientists tackling the most challenging questions about kidney disease and how to improve outcomes.

Patients who allow access to their EHR, in addition to their patient-entered data, will be providing scientists a complete picture of the patient experience. The unique NKF model is innovative because it is the first to combine patient-entered information with EHR data. 

How to join

To register for NKF’s Patient Network, go to